Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So I think I have narrowed down my story for the challenge. It was hard! There are  a lot of really great public domain fairy tales and stories out there, but the ones I was drawn to were ones I'd never heard of. So I would read them and all of a sudden, something gory and horrendous happens...not what I had in mind for early childhood picture book. One that I really liked was Japanese called Momotaro the peach boy. You can read the story here. I thought the imagery would be exciting to draw until I got to the demons. Still would be fun, but may scare the poo out of a toddler (I know it would scare mine!). The illustrations on that web page are sweet and the demons aren't too terrible, but I still wanted to be a bit milder. Anyway, I am going with a classic. Little Red Riding Hood. I am hoping to give it a new spin and hopefully not beat an over illustrated story into the ground some more. I'll fill you in if I change my mind by Thursday.

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