Thursday, February 23, 2012

So funny!

So I started to see a super funny phenomenon on Facebook yesterday. Kitty Booties everywhere! I saw that Kirsten Hall had started a hilarious Pinterest Cat Bums Board and is collecting Cat Butt illustrations. Hee hee, I couldn't resist making one myself. I immediately thought of my dearly departed kitty, Camille, whose belly was so round she could never reach to clean "that area". It was always fun to watch that little bowling ball try so hard. It's sort of like me trying to do a sit up right now. Ugh...ugh...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alice in Indecisive-land

So like my fellow SCBWI-Carolina illustrators, I've been drawing and painting away on my contest submission. I'm afraid I need to stop. I'm on the verge of overworking this sucker. I need to stop messing with it and get it in the mail. Now to choose between my two versions. hmmm..... I know these 2 versions look entirely different, right? They do when you stare at them much much too long.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

love, exciting and new...

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day! It seems like it was forever ago. Lots has happened since then, and all of my chocolates are gone.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I know infographics are all the rage right now, and I'm so glad. As a visual learner it's so fun for me to see information presented graphically. A while back, I was asked to do an infographic for Carolina Public Press's web site. I'd never done one before, and I was intimidated by the info I was to "graphic". I mean, how do you summarize the process of making the State of NC's budget into simple images. It turned out to be an absolute blast! I loved the process and learned about how the budget is! win! I think I'd like to do more of them. I should come up with one on my own.

Find it here

Here's an infographic of infographics from Pinterest:

Speaking of Pinterest, It's been my go to place for when I have a spare moment. I just love pouring over my Inspirational Illustrators board when I'm stuck in my own head. Check out my Boards if you like...beware of the time suck!