Friday, October 7, 2011


It's been so long since I've done Illustration Friday. It seems like I've said that a lot in the past 3 years, but Jennifer Bower inspired me with her cute blue bear. I struggled with finding time for this one, so I decided to give myself permission to be loose and a bit sloppy. I'm a little paralyzed by over thinking my style since the SCBWI-C conference. I loved my sketch for this, but when I went to finalize it, I couldn't make a decision on what direction to go. I keep hearing voices in my head from Faculty from the conference about colors, style, and whatnot. The color set is more muted than what I normally used, and I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. I will have to revisit this drawing when I have looser deadlines. Here is the sketch...

I still am planning on updating about the ├╝ber-fabulous SCBWI-C conference. I'm snowed under with deadlines!


  1. You rock, girl! Let the joy be in the exercise and self discovery. I love this, especially the squished up bug-eyed bunny at the very bottom. Kudos for letting it be loose - and having DEADLINES! I will see ya on the flip side of the 'contraption' sketch (which I am totally tight and over thinking)

  2. Oh, I LOVE the way this came out! I think the palette is perfect too!