Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Job

So I just started a new job yesterday as a Graphic Designer. Very exciting! My new schedule has me all out of whack. I need to carve out time for the blog, the dudes, drawing everyday, exercise, making dinner, school, and probably sleeping. I am cutting myself some slack the first few weeks to see where there will be wiggle room.Any advice out there from my 9 loyal followers?


  1. Just remember you wont get everything done every day. Maybe give yourself a Top 3 list daily and alternate. I've given up on the drawing every day...there just aren't enough hours when you work full time and are raising a family, but I do devote a big chunk of my weekends. I just found that it became more of a chore and I lacked the joy in doing when it became a 'must do daily.' You will find a rhythm that works for you and just allow it to be flexible.

    1. Thanks, I'm already exhausted from my first 2 days, and conk out at 9pm...I'm proud I even posted on my blog! You are a peach!