Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Contest Update

So I've not been very diligent about updating my blog lately for a  few good reasons. I have been so busy with illustration work! I have been putting in MANY hours of work on an exciting ipad app for kids and will post when it's all done and ready to go. That was a new genre for me, I've never done any kind of app work. It's fun, but very very involved. I'm learning as I go along. I still have no idea about the coding aspect, and I admire the people that do that work. That's why I'm taking coding classes!

I've also been working on a fun piece for a German Education magazine and am featured on their Illustrator page. Halloween is my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is a close second.) and I had so much fun coming up with all of the ghosts and spiders for this page. Boo!

So now that things are slowing down (illustration-wise, everything else is still crazy), I am going to focus on building my portfolio and preparing for the upcoming SCBWI-Carolinas conference. By the way, I'm practicing how to toot my own horn. So here it goes... I won third place in the SCBWI-C art contest. Yippee! I'm so proud. I didn't think I would even get an honorable mention, but I did! The art director judge gave me some valuable feedback on it as well. Which is great for an illustrator who is searching for a new style.

Here's the whole piece:

She gave me feedback on my use of color and background needing some help. I need to go back here and edit this piece based on her comments and see if that really does make a difference. Learning...learning...learning!

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  1. Congratulations on all of your business, and winnings, and projects and willingness to stretch and grow.