Thursday, September 22, 2011


So I'm leaving for my first SCBWI regional conference, and BOY! am I nervous! I'm taking an Illustration intensive early in the morning and have to bring real live art supplies and paint in person... I haven't done that in so long. I am excited, but scared that I won't remember how to put brush to paper (or masonite) and mixing colors is a long past memory. I won't know what to do without my Wacom tablet and that is probably a great thing. My creative brain needs stretching and expanding.  I am looking for growth here. Also on the schedule is a portfolio review with an Art Director. EXCITING STUFF! I'll update when I can. I sure am going to miss my dudes, though. I set up my own Skype account so I can call them from my iPad.

Wish me luck casting off my introverted ways in a sea of new people!


  1. You and your introverted ways did a fabulous job navigating that sea this weekend. So awesome meeting you! And here is to stretching and growing some more this year.

  2. It was such an amazing time, I'm having trouble trying to put it all together on my blog!